About Us

Room 12 Studios is a software development company founded by three cousins with a great nerdery passion. In the grand tradition of geeks with too much time on their hands, they decided to share their delusions of grandeur with the world. They set out upon a grand quest to deliver only the finest entertainment to fellow technophiles they could imagine. While their quest is still in its early stages, they have already managed to wow at least 15 of their friends and a couple thousand random strangers through the magic of the Internet. Join them on their journey as they search for the One App to Rule Them All.

Room 12 Studios is an iOS and Mac development studio based in the Midwest. Adam, Alex, and Jared Cash (betcha they’re the cousins mentioned earlier) are three cousins (see, told you) that all share a love for gaming, design, and technology. Combining their skills, they did all of this (isn’t it majestic?) just for you. And to pay for more toys. With humble plans for intergalactic dominion, Room 12 Studios exists to make your day a little brighter, a little easier, and a whole lot more worthwhile. And all they ask in exchange is your eternal servitude.

It’s a small price to pay, don’t you think?