iPredict Plus Fortune Teller

iPredict Plus is the premiere fortune telling app on the App Store. At Room 12 Studios, we sought out the most malevolent, all-knowing tortured soul we could find and through blunt force and clever black magicks, trapped it inside of a crystal ball. Then, using advanced technology that our future selves sent back in time, digitized it as an iOS app. While many of our underlings (read: customers) died in the process, the end result was worth every drop of human blood. Because now, you can have your fortune told wherever you are! Tap the little crystal ball and wait for the tormented spirit inside to reveal great secrets about your future, and even sometimes your present!

Fair warning, however: the spirit is pretty angry and will, at times, say mean things to you. Don’t worry about it, though. You can silence her sinister ways by simply tapping the info button in the lower-right corner and turning off Misfortunes. Now, no matter how angry she gets, she still has to be (somewhat) kind!


iPredict Lite Fortune Teller

iPredict Lite is the free, ad-supported version of iPredict Plus above. It only supports the iPhone and iPod touch, but is still an excellent way to get your daily dose of futurism. But wouldn’t you rather know that you’ve made some sort of offering to the malicious spirit inside the crystal ball by purchasing the full version? If she ever escapes, I’d feel much safer knowing that I gave her a dollar.