Feb 17, 2012

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New look, new Room 12

New look, new Room 12

You may have noticed a few changes here at the ol’ Room 12 dojo. Don’t worry. We’re just redecorating a bit. First, a few announcements:

NEW LOGO: As you can see up above, we’ve got a brand new logo. Isn’t it beautiful? But what does it mean?! Well, we here at Room 12 Studios aren’t your typical software developers. We are incredibly curious people and we can’t help but explore everywhere we go. When we visit a museum or office building or even a neighbor’s house, we’re constantly intrigued by the possibilities that lie behind closed doors. And we want our apps to give you that same feeling. To us, it’s not enough to simply make an app functional. It also needs to be intuitive and pleasing to the eye. But most importantly, we want it to inspire you to come back and find all the hidden intricacies that it has to offer. That’s true whether it’s an RPG, a fortune-telling app, or even just a simple tool to help you manage your shopping lists. We feel that our new logo expresses both our desire to create beauty and mystery.

NEW APP: We don’t have a lot of free time at Room 12 Studios, what with our day jobs, families, and the like. But, with what little free time we have had, we’ve been working hard on our next apps. While most of them are still too far away from completion to really get into them, we do have one we want to share with you. While the graphics, features, and even the name are all still works in progress, we thought we’d give you a quick preview of something else we’re working on. Hopefully we can share more with you soon and make enough progress on a few of our other projects to share them with you, as well:

Thanks for stopping by the blog and check back often for more news!

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